Harriet Cherry

My memories of my time in Patiala are filled with smiles & happy people. I hope one day to return to Patiala, as the time spent there was not long enough.

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Old Age / Retirement Home – “SHARE THE LOVE”

In India the concept of a retirement home/old age home is different and mostly for the wrong reasons. Indian culture, religion and philosophy are as old as mankind. The concept of respect for the elders, care and well being were an integral part of it. In this concept the entire big/joint family stayed together under one roof for generations. However with rapid change of ethos, culture, modernization and western influences this is rapidly vanishing.

The paradox is that on one side the joint family system is breaking up and at the same time the Government or the society does not have old age home for the elderly. To meet this urgent demand and change of scenario, NGO’s have opened Old Age Homes, where the elderly whose children refuse to support their parents come and seek shelter to spend the rest of their life.

The Old Age Home in Patiala has 30 such elder members from various backgrounds who have chosen to spend rest of their lonely life together as one big family.

A visit to the old age home would be commendable experience for the volunteers to provide extra help and care for the old aged. Programs or extra curriculum activities are arranged to provide light moments and happiness for the old aged people. Share their joy, a smile and their loneliness.