Alan Borenstein

This was definitely the best homestay any of us had ever experienced. All of our needs were met: a comfortable bed arrangement, transportation around Patiala and perhaps the best food that can be found in northern India.

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Ehi-Passika “Come and Experience” Lord Buddha used to use this phrase when explorers used to ask about the beauty of his teaching. We are using this to welcome you all to come and experience our Volunteering programs.

The volunteering programs are professionally managed and an experience in itself. An in depth knowledge, understanding, appreciating the essence, core values and providing a strategic direction to understand yourself vis a vis the assorted colours of life, close interaction with a section of society with a totally different world of their own.

The Volunteers who work with us and engage in one of our many projects shall not only leave with a sense of achievement and contentment but also make life long friendships. We also endeavour to remain in touch with our volunteers by means of continued correspondence whereas the volunteers are informed about their favourite projects/students.

The Volunteers are also encouraged to devise/plan their own programs to engage in and also provide timely feedback and suggestions.

These are not just another volunteering programs, but an experience so different from any other programs you have taken so far.

Programs available with Volunteer Vacation India:

1. Patiala School for Deaf/Blind
By far the best volunteering program being offered by us.
Society for Welfare of The Handicapped managing Patiala School for Deaf, Patiala School for Blind and Patiala School for DeafBlind are a Co-educational schools providing FREE residential education to Deaf, Blind & DeafBlind children since 1967. No FEES of any kind is charged and the schools are providing free education, uniforms, books, stationary, hostel and meals to the students. Read more about it

2. Rural Development
There is no better way to discover a country and people but to share their everyday routine, be a part of their home and adopt their lifestyle.

We provide the insight to various activities unheard of in certain parts of India. A sip of natural sweet water right from the springs, walk in the jungles, slice of delicious peach, plums or apricots, having power naps under the warm sun, enjoying star gazing on a pitch dark moonless night.

The evenings and weekends are free where one can easily forget the world to relax and enjoy nature walks following one trail or the other, into the woods or along the river. Trek to the Churdhar peak and visit to the famous temple at a height of 14000 feet can also be arranged depending on the weather. Read more about it

3. Old Age/Retirement home
In India the concept of a retirement home/old age home is different and mostly for the wrong reasons. Indian culture, religion and philosophy are as old as mankind. The concept of respect for the elders, care and well being were as integral part of it. In this concept the entire big/joint family stayed together under one roof for generations. However with rapid change of ethos, culture, modernization and western influences this is rapidly vanishing. Read more about it

4. Lepers Home Patiala
Leprosy has affected humanity for over 4,000 years. Leprosy currently affects approximately a quarter of a million people throughout the world, with 70% of these cases occurring in India. Cases of leprosy in India have decreased dramatically from 5,000,000 cases in 1985 to 213,000 cases in 2009. Leprosy is one of the least infectious diseases mainly because nearly all of the population have natural immunity against it. Nevertheless, stigma against the disease due to its disfiguring effects causes its victims to be isolated and shunned. Leprosy is also the leading cause of permanent disability in the world and is primarily a disease of the poor. Read more about it

5. Poor Patients/ Hospitals